Limited companies


Trading through a limited company  can be a great way to save tax and provide limited liability status. It is also seen as being more "prestigious" by some clients.


What are your obligations?



The directors of limited companies face a number of obligations, including compulsory submissions of financial statements (accounts) to Companies House - accounts containing information about profits assets and liabilities.


Every company must also submit an Annual Return to Companies House - a list of changes to the company's basic information.

Every trading company is obliged to submit reports to HM Revenue and Customs. Usually, directors must provide HMRC with a Corporation Tax return every year, which contains information regarding profits and various elections. Following the end of  the tax year, an Employer's Return must also be submitted if payments were made to directors and employees.


What can we do for you?


We will take care of the various aspects of preparation and submission of all returns for your limited company, including:


  • preparation and submission of accounts to Companies House
  • preparation and submission of corporate tax return
  • preparation and submission of employers return
  • book-keeping
  • VAT returns
  • provide you with advice and tips to help you run your company smoothly




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