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1. What is a tax refund?

Tax Refund is a repayment of overpaid part of income tax made by HM Revenue and Customs.

2. When can I claim?

You can claim either after the end of a tax year (after 5th April)or during a tax year if you are leaving the United Kingdom.

3. How much can I get?

You may claim the amount that has been overpaid. It depends on proportion of your income to amount of tax paid.



4. How far back can I claim?

You can claim back as far as 6 years (including current tax year)

5. What documents do I need to claim tax refund?


Ideally if you have P45/60 from all your employers. However if you do not it is not a big problem for us as long as you remember where you have worked.

6. How long it will take?




Normally up to 12 weeks. I may take longer of you do not have all required documents or in case of mistake by HMRC.




7. Do I need a National Insurance Number to claim?

No, you do not need a NI Number to claim tax back.

8. Can you transfer money to a bank abroad?

Yes. We can transfer money to a bank abroad. In such case we charge an additional fee of £20.

9. Are you HMRC registered agent?


Every company or individual representing other persons in contacts with HMRC is automatically registered as agent. We too of course.

10. Why Eurotax?


We are qualified, fast, efficient and reliable. We have many years of experience in the industry and we aim to secure you the maximum refund. We offer the most competitive rates of commissions (it REALLY means the most competitive - please compare with our competitors). And as far as security is concerned we are insured and bonded by membership in the Institute of Financial Accountants and Federation of Tax Advisers.


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